Takahe-Akaroa Road Relay

The Takahe-Akaroa Road Relay is an historic New Zealand road relay, running since 1935. This team event is:

  • a 41km / 25 mile course from the Allandale Domain to Cooptown (6 legs); or
  • a 77km/ 48 mile course from the Sign of the Takahe to Akaroa (8 legs).

Date: Saturday 21st September 2019.
Start Time: From 8.30am.
Cost: From $165 from junior teams in the 6 leg event (under 20s).

Find out more about the Takahe-Akaroa Road Relay, including how to enter. Entries close at 8pm on Monday 9nd September 2019.

This event is organised by the Athletics Canterbury Cross Country and Road Club.