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Mini-mentoring available for community activity providers

This new initiative from Active Canterbury involves one-on-one mentoring to help community providers:

  1. start up new classes and activities,
  2. grow their class or participant numbers, and
  3. manage existing programmes or classes more effectively.

Providers who take part in the mini-mentoring will receive up to 4 hours of FREE mentoring and support from experienced mentors.

Applications are now closed for the the last round of mini-mentoring in 2017.

You can apply for the next round of mini-mentoring set to begin in February 2018. Applications for the next round will close on Tuesday 30th January 2018.

Note: Completing the application form does not guarantee a place. Successful applicants will be notified in early February 2018.

Find out more about mini-mentoring available from Active Canterbury, including how to apply. You can also contact Broni McSweeney with your questions or for more information (027 276 64 62 or 0800 000 929).