Men's Health Month

Being regularly active and maintaining a good level of fitness has many health benefits. June is Men’s Health Month and is a good time to take stock and review how you are going with your activity goals.

It is normal for activity levels to fluctuate. Sometimes social occasions, being busy at work or responsibilities at home can get in the way of making physical activity a priority. Doing some physical activity is better than doing none! Even short 10-minute blocks of activity during the day can make a big difference.

Here are some tips for men to get into an active habit from the Men’s Health Trust:

  • Organise to meet a mate regularly for a work-out, run or game.
  • Find a local group or class or join a local social sports team.
  • Pick an upcoming event (run, cycle, duathlon or team challenge) and prepare yourself to make it to the finish line. Most events will cater for a range of fitness levels.
  • Use a phone app, fitness watch or pedometer to track how far you go or how many steps you take. Set yourself a goal to increase each week.
  • Block out the same time each week to exercise if you like to have a routine. Make this time a priority and plan other activities around it.

The Men’s Health Trust has more ideas to help inspire you including a 4-week guide to starting exercise.

All Right? has some great tips on how to create an activity habit.

Physical fitness is also a great start to mental fitness because moving your body can move your mood and improve your thinking ability.

Find out more about how being active can help you feel great.

It can seem tough to get going if you’re not used to being active! Cantabrians are lucky to have excellent programmes designed to help you get started and maintain an active lifestyle.

Find out about local support programmes such as the Green Prescription.

Free classes for men during Men’s Health Month

Some Christchurch activity providers are holding free sessions for men over 60 during Men’s Health Month including circuit training, a focus on strength and balance, and a low impact social class.

Get more information on free activity sessions for older men during Men's Health Month.

Please register to attend these free sessions - as places are limited.

All these classes are suitable for beginners, but participants need to be medically fit to exercise. Check with your GP if you are unsure.

Find activities or classes near you

The Active Canterbury Activity Search can help you to find classes and programmes in your area or close to your workplace.

Here are some links to other opportunities in Greater Christchurch: