Sustainable Funding Workshop from Exult

Exult logo.Are you sick of scrambling from one funding round to the next?
Would you like your organisation to have a reliable income, but are unsure where to start?

Sustainable Funding is a one day workshop that helps organisations develop a sustainable funding plan. It is jam packed with practical ideas, information and advice, and Exult guarantee that you’ll leave with a list of things you can’t wait to get started on.

Date: Wednesday 24th July 2019.
Time: 9.30am to 4pm.
Location: Christchurch Community House (301 Tuam Street).
Cost: $120 per person.

Find out more about this Sustainable Funding workshop including how to register.

In this one day workshop you will discover:

  • the essential first step in creating a Sustainable Funding Plan: Have you laid the right foundations and why is it important that you do?
  • the 7 Key Income Streams for Non-Profit Organisations: Are you properly aware of your opportunities and are you making the most of them?
  • the difference between donations, sponsorship and grants: Are you approaching each one in the right way, and if not, how can you do it differently?
  • why traditional fundraising activities are still an important part of the mix and how to make them worth your while.
  • why it’s the same people doing all the work and how you can get more people involved in your fundraising efforts. What is stopping people from helping out?
  • how to increase your income by doing what you already do, but by doing it better: What are the simple tweaks you can make for the biggest impact?
  • how to develop a sustainable funding plan so you can stop scrambling for cash.