An active soul is a healthy soul

KiorahiBeing active on a regular basis not only has benefits for your physical health, but your overall mental and spiritual health and well-being.

It also benefits your whānau through positive role modelling and giving you more energy and vitality to pursue your goals and support others.

Making the decision to be more active takes courage, planning and determination. Koia kei a koe! Remember a little is better than none - ha pae ake te iti I te kore. Start slowly and set goals that are achievable.

Ko te mea pai mō te noho hīkaka ko te kimi i tētahi mahi pārekareka ki a koe

The best way to get active and stay motivated is to find something you enjoy. Not sure how to get started… here are some free or low-cost activities you could try:

  • Walking/Hīkoi – it’s convenient and cheap. Walk on your own or in a group.
  • Swimming or aqua fitness/Kaukau, kori tinana ā-wai rānei – there’s lots you can do in the water.
  • Dancing/Kanikani – try something new and enjoyable
  • Gardening/Ngakingaki māra – get fresh air and fresh vegetables as well as being active.
  • Family fun/Whakangahau ā-whānau – join your tamariki or mokopuna for games in the park or backyard.
  • Traditional Māori games/Taonga Takaro* - embrace your history and culture through activities like mau rākau or poi toa.

*Free book on Taonga Takaro is available courtesy of Harko Brown.

Find some fun whānau activities on the All Right? website.

Use the Active Canterbury Activity Search to find people, classes, programmes and events in your local area!

There are also lots of local activity providers and sports clubs who would like to connect with you and your whānau, including kapa haka [PDF].

Tri Pounamu.Get moving with Tri Pounamu

The Tri Pounamu team want to create healthy whānau - getting more whānau in Canterbury moving and enjoying healthy living for life. They aim to provide a supportive entry point into activity and guide more whānau into suitable new activities, training groups, and events.

Get support from Tri Pounamu for you and your whānau if you identify as having Māori heritage, and if you are interested in meeting like minded people who want to get moving. Tutū te puehu! Kick up the dust!

Tri Pounamu's manaakitanga is based on respect, support and encouragement for all whānau. The team want to see beginners through to the elite be part of a collective approach to movement and events. This also means they have an open door policy and welcome all whānau, Māori and non-Māori into their whānau.

Find out how you and your whānau can be part of Tri Pounamu's exciting movement.

Breathe easy with Hikitia te Hā

Focusing on our breathing is a very helpful and basic practice for becoming more mindful. Combining it with some simple actions makes it even better.

Hikitia te Hā is a simple breathing exercise that anyone can learn. Practicing Hikitia te Hā on a daily basis with simple, open-hearted attention can help make you more aware of te hā (the breath) and be more present in each moment.

Find out more about Hikita Te Hā.

Programmes to help you get active 

Kei te hiahia āwhina koe mō te whakakorikori? There are also local support programmes available which provide help with:

  • goal setting,
  • identifying suitable activities and
  • provide ongoing support to help keep you and your whanau motivated.

Find out more about support programmes for you or your whānau or phone 0800 ACTIVE (228 483) to speak to a physical activity advisor.