Keeping motivated

Here are some ways to keep yourself motivated to be active:

  • Aim for a goal: It might be walking a certain distance or being active for a certain number of days a month.
  • Try clipping on a pedometer to count your steps (available at sports shoe stores).
  • You might like to try doing an event. There are lots of team events, "women-only" events and some "men-only" events designed for fun and participation.
  • Track your progress by keeping an exercise log and recording your weekly activity. Write down what you plan to do and what you did – see below for ways of doing this.
  • Get a friend or family member to be active with you – you'll have twice the fun and can encourage each other.
  • Get some coaching or support like a personal trainer.

Get some more tips on how to stay motivated to exercise (HelpGuide).

Stay motivated by finding an activity you enjoy!

There's a sport or recreational activity to suit everyone.

Check out the Related Links for websites with suggestions and advice on choosing an activity or sport to try.

Tools to help keep you motivated

Activity Diary: Your own 12 month diary with free ideas, programmes and encouragement [PDF, 1.2MB].

Map My Run: Draw your run (or walk) route on a map to find out the distance, or find info about a local run that has alrady been "mapped".